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Antonio De Feo Restauri

Restauro e Conservazione di Monumenti e Opere d'Arte

The passion and tradition of the master craftsmen, through their personal way of carrying out Building Works inspired the De Feo Restoration’s foundation. This is a company which made of its professionalism and great experience the base of its activity to fulfil the needs of a demanding customer.

The De Feo Restoration company, beyond its 20-year individual experience, can take advantage of a skilled staff of engineers, architects and restorers based at the main office, giving guidelines to a well skilled workforce which is able to tackle with every kind of trouble, reaching excellent results on every kind of intervention. The company offers a global service, so that it is able to follow the entire building process: since the planning to the final fulfilment of the work. Its staff is able to carry out every kind of work on the stocks, solving all the building troubles and so, giving the chance to contact only one company able to carry out the entire project. It is also able to offer the customer a complete service, solving all the problems resulting from the presence of several overseers on the same yard.

With the aim to optimize the interventions on the works in every field, the De Feo Restoration has been based on different operative departments:

MONUMENTAL RESTORING DEPARTMENT: Works on wall structures, dampness (capillary ascent, seepages, condensations), structural deterioration, strengthening, special interventions for domes and bell towers.

ART RESTORING DEPARTMENT: Conservative treatments on headstones, mural paintings, canvas, wooden works, hand-thrown objects.

ARCHEOLOGICAL RESTORING DEPARTMENT: Special treatments on unique archaeological finds. The company is specialized in the conservative restoration of charred wood, wood, bronze, shard, earthenware, stone, etc.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT: Planning and accomplishment of colour projects and recovery of historic sites; diagnostic surveys on headstones, mural paintings, canvas, wooden works, hand-thrown objects and archaeological finds, Architectonic and Structural works planning and managing; General and Monographic Researches; technical-historical analysis; Drafting of the documents necessary for the funds research; Surveys; technical consultancy for what concern conservative restoring works and specialized interventions; Editing the building file; environmental surveys with in and out-door pollution measurements (electrosmog pollution. Radioactivity, Radon gas, microclimate, acoustic pollution).

CIVIL WORKS DEPARTMENT: Renovations of condominiums, stairs and façades, roofs; Domes and bell towers; Waterproofing; Works of building constructions; Earthquake-proof buildings; Consultancy and planning of internal areas; carrying out interventions relating to bio-building and bio-architecture.

INSTALLATION DEPARTMENT: Electrical plants, fire safety and detection, plumbing and heating systems, air-conditioning systems; Electric disjunctors and screened cables for electric systems; Planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems and execution of the administrative papers to take advantage of tax allowances.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT: Our company is always searching for new technologies, aimed at satisfying the customer at the best, so decreasing consumptions and wastes; Committed in a never-ending research for new materials with a low environmental impact; Focused on the implementation of new non-invasive strengthening techniques; concretely committed in the development and exploitation of renewable energy sources.