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Cervara di Roma

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The restoration and renewal of the buildings within the historic centre of the town of Cervara (RM), have been performed. Cervara is at 1053 mt above the sea level, on the Piolione Mountain. Since its position, it enjoys the wonderful sights of the high portion of the Aniene Valley. Such a height, makes the town the "highest municipality of Rome". Taking into account the historic and artistic value of the town, in the attempt to recover the ancient brightness, it has been decided to restore the town at the aesthetic and functional scales. This has turned into a chance to improve its livability:

FAÇADES: the colours have been thought on the base of the few evidences found out. Plastering and colour wash painting have been carried out. In the case the façades were in stone, we recovered the hangings. Before, this procedure, the joints and the wall connections have been sharpened;

ROOF: different kind of procedures have been carried out, depending from the importance of the building. In the case it was of less importance, we have restored the garrets of the wood floors, which were in bad conditions and, covered the ones made of concrete with oak-chestnut wooden planks. Instead, in the case the building was an important one, we laid plastered stringcourses, painted with colours clashing with the façade ones.

FINISHING: the wooden finishing, which were in good condition, were coated with transparent flatting paint, while all the others, were replaced with high quality oak-chestnut finishing.

STONE ELEMENTS: the covers of the houses entrance stone stairs and most of windows' sills were made of travertine or of the local chalky stone. In some particular case, the existing stringcourses have been cleaned with sandblasting treatment and protected thanks to the use of a water resistant product.

Other procedures were performed on the balconies, on the systems and on all the iron elements