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The restoration and consolidation of Niccolò II's Tower and, of the surrounding wall was performed. The works carried out had two main aims: to strengthen and improve the structure from a seismic point of view and, to restore and preserve the architectural site. The following procedures have been performed:

Interventions to improve the accessibility to the Tower, through a flight of steps, obtained from the stone and, laying down an iron banister to prevent people from falling down, were carried out.

The lighting of the tower has been improved by installing an artistic lighting system, made of ground embedded spotlights, forming beams of light, grazing on the walls and so, lighting the pedestrian paths.

The removal of the excrescence in the Tower overlooking the valley was carried out.

A rearrangement of all the pedestrian areas, surrounding the Fortress and inside the Tower overlooking the valley was performed by laying down a gravel pavement.

The cleaning and the removal of any kind of plants, which were on the walls both inside and outside were carried out.

A localized finishing of some pieces of lacking masonry or which were badly damaged was made according the technique "sew-unsew"; there were even carried out finishing works on the top of the walls;

Restoration interventions were performed on precarious detached hewn stones, as well as, works of sharpening, cleaning, washing and hallowing joints sealing among the stones, were carried out, using a mortar having the same features of the existing one;

There were even made wall strengthening interventions by injecting fluid mixtures made of natural hydraulic lime

Interventions using stainless steel in the corners' areas where carried out, in order to eliminate or reduce lacks of connections.