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Villa Beer - Ancona - Italy

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Villa Beer is situated in the centre of a wide park, nowadays it is a Municipal Area, in Colleverde and in particular in the district of Grazie in Ancona. The building period of the mansion is unknown, but surely, it was built before 1897, when Gina Terni, Beer, bought the mansion of counts Foschi family. The mansion underwent several changes which deeply modified the aesthetic and functional asset; changes were planned and started by the Foschi family and finished by the Beers.
During the II World War, the mansion was occupied firstly by military engineers of the Wermacht and by the SS then. In this period furniture was raided while two of the three buildings outside the mansion were destroyed.
In 1953 the mansion was given from the Beers to the municipality of Ancona.
The restoration works mainly concerned the functional recovery and the static strenghtening of the mansion which was uniformed to the fire precautions and deprived of the architectural barriers.
Such works allowed the recovery of the mansion which, on one hand, underlined its feature of small cultural and civic "container" and, on the other hand preserved, through the restoration, the historical and recollection value which is deeply rooted within the social life of the city.