The Company

De Feo Restauri is the natural evolution of a beautiful Italian entrepreneurial history that began in 1987, when Cav. Antonio De Feo, strong of a long-standing family artisan tradition, as well as of an already consolidated experience in monumental and artistic restoration, decides to give shape to his dreams by giving life to this beautiful company reality. Since then the company, thanks also to the gradual involvment into the company of Eng. Arch. Luca De Feo and Dr. Federico De Feo, sons of Cav. Antonio, has experienced constant growth, gaining position among the leading companies in the cultural heritage sectors, in the restoration and enhancement of the historical, artistic, architectural and archaeological heritage and in the services related to them such as design, diagnostics, managerial activities and consulting. To date, De Feo Restauri has a staff of professionals, specialists and selected workers who operate with extreme professionalism and passion in respect of art and historical – cultural values. In carrying out this activity, the company has gained specific expertise, recognized globally, specializing in Architectural, Artistic and Archaeological Restoration and, more generally, in the specialized construction sector. Furthermore, also in consideration of the specific nature of the operating sector to which it belongs, De Feo own state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that allows it to face easily the numerous potential problems and to operate in emergency situations. The Company, in addition of carrying out an intense research activity in diagnostics applied to monuments and works of art, is at the forefront of research on the causes of degradation of historic buildings and is pioneer in research on the potential harmfulness of products used in the restoration field. In addition to the specific technical skills of its employees, De Feo Restauri stands out for the particular importance it attribute to the ethical value of its work: we have always been supporters of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and for this reason every initiative of ours is always preceded by a careful assessment of the social impact that this can have on customers, employees, partners and, more generally, on the entire community.


De Feo Restauri provides the following services:

  • MONUMENTAL RESTORATION: Enhancement, consolidation, seismic improvement, structural adjustment, conservative interventions on bell towers and domes, restoration of fortified wall structures;
  • RESTORATION OF WORKS OF ART: Purely conservative interventions on stone materials, wall paintings, canvases, wooden works, terracotta artefacts, metallic materials and so on;
  • ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeological investigations; excavations; archaeological restoration;
  • CIVIL WORKS: Interventions in Green building and Green architecture; renovation of condominiums, hotels, etc .; renovation and restoration of roofs and terraces; waterproofing; anti-seismic construction; consultancy and planning; Electrical and Mechanical plants; Scaffolding, cranes and other provisional works;
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: study and realization of color plans and recovery of historical centers; Structural and Architectural Design; Historical-Technical Analysis; Surveys and appreisals; Technical consultancy for conservative restoration works and specialist interventions; drafting of the building file; Construction supervision; Health and safety services.

Our Values

Our values: a powerful approach to create well-being and congruence between people


For the world of cultural heritage and for our job. An immense pride pervades us in admiring all the works completed over more than three decades.


Despite even technology plays a fundamental role in our business, we believe that the craftsmanship and experience, which you will find in all our highly motivated workforce, are essential qualities.


Innovation and creativity, which increasingly distinguish the cultural heritage sector, are accompanied by our ambition to meet market demands with new materials and innovative solutions.


For us, quality is a way of being. It means doing always, day by day, the things in an optimal way. Because our greatest gratification is a job well done and a satisfied customer. Only by working according to high quality standards is it possible to obtain a high quality result. A quality job must maintain its quality over time.


Just as each restoration is unique in its kind, with its history and its function, in the same way, every single client is different to the others, with its specific needs and its cultural background. Our entire production process, from the design to the implementation of the intervention, is flexible and ready to respond to the changing technical needs that may arise during the implementation of a project.


“We didn’t inherit Earth from our ancestors, but we borrowed it from our children”. Attributed to the Native Americans, this vision perfectly reflects the philosophy of De Feo Restauri, a family-run company that has always been sensitive to the problem of social, environmental and cultural sustainability. From the raw materials we use, to our environmental policies through clean energy: a concrete commitment for a sustainable future, not just in words…


Dott. Antonio De Feo
CEO / Founder

Dott. Federico De Feo
Project Manager

Ing. Arch. Luca De Feo
Direttore Tecnico
Project manager