Archaeological Area of “Villa di Livia” (RM) – Scientific restoration, consolidation and archaeological arrangement works

Brief historical notes. At Prima Porta, from via della Villa di Livia, coinciding with the ancient via Flaminia, you could reach the Villa di Livia called “ad gallinas albas”. This is the villa of Livia Drusilla, wife of the emperor Augustus, villa mentioned by Pliny, Svetonio and Cassio Dione, the site where the famous statue of Augustus loricato was found among the other. It is one of the most extraordinary residences of Ancient Rome: a series of rooms, halls and corridors that alternate with courtyards, gardens and open spaces where it is not difficult to imagine how the ancients loved to spend their days in the name of the luxury, the glitz and the so dear otium. Among the most loved spaces of the villa, there was the spa complex, a place where water was the protagonist. The spas are located right next to a large open area, probably a peristyle, around which a number of other rooms were arranged which still today have a delightful black and white mosaic floor.