Archaeological Area of Nora (CA) – Restoration, Conservation and Maintenance works of the wall structures of vaults and arches and of the mosaic floors of the Roman era and Enhancement of the Archaeological Site

Brief historical notes. The Roman city of Nora (Pula-CA), located about 30 km from the capital of the Sardinia Region, is one of the most visited archaeological areas on the island, counting about 80,000 annual presences, as a cultural asset of great importance and among the most vast of the island. Founded by the Phoenicians between the end of the IX and VIII centuries. BC, the site is known to ancient sources as the oldest city in Sardinia, the foundation of a Norax arrived from Iberia, with evident allusion to an episode of expansion involving Phoenician settlements located on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of Spain. In the Roman Nora the second and third centuries. A.D. are the times of great development of the city in the new imperial structure of the Mediterranean: the city now assumes the physiognomy of an evolved and well-organized center, with its places of representation, entertainment and socialization: from spas to temples, from the forum to the theater, from large peristyles to luxury stately homes.