Tuscolo the primitive place of the soul (Rome) – Restoration, consolidation and enhancement of the Archaeological area of Tuscolo

Brief historical notes. The foundation of the city of Tusculum, on the Alban Hills, which legend wants it founded by Telegono, son of Ulysses and Maga Circe, dates back to the centuries between the sixth and fifth. In the following period, Rome exponentially consolidate its power, and cities such as Tusculum, Ariccia, Marino were assigned to the domination of several Roman tribes. It is in this period that the backbone of the main communication routes that have come down to the present days is also created: while up to then the routes were essentially limited to communication between the various centers of the Alban Hills system, now the great routes of communication took shape, aiming to connect the district with Rome and the latter with the rest of the peninsula. The renewed ease of communication, the proximity to the city, and the beauty and wholesomeness of the places, mean that in this period the system of the Latium Volcano, and in particular the city of Tusculum becomes a privileged destination for wealthy Roman patricians who choose it as their summer residence.