Cervara of Rome, the city of artists (RM) – Restoration and rehabilitation works of the historic center

Brief historical notes. So called for the large number of deer that once populated the area, Cervara in Rome offers a splendid view of the Aniene valley. But, to make this place a unique place, it is art: for centuries, this small village attracted artists from all over Europe, fascinated by its beauty. For example, the French Ernest Hébert lived here during the 19th century, and painted canvas depicting local women such as Les Cervaroles, exhibited at the Parisian Musée d’Orsay, or Joseph Anton Koch who portrayed its landscapes, Bartolomeo Pinelli, Corot, Oscar Kokoschka and Samuel Morse, who thus described Cervara of Rome: «There is something strangely majestic in a place like this. It is governed, for the most part, by perfect silence. “