The Palaces Panciatichi and Covoni of Florence, regional council offices – Campaign of preliminary diagnostic investigations for restoration interventions

Brief historical notes. Built starting from 1445-1446 by Agnolo di Ghezzo Della Casa, it was purchased by Clarice Capponi and sold by it to the Pistoia family of Panciatichi in 1621. At the beginning of the eighteenth century the palace passed to Niccolò Panciatichi, nephew of the cardinal and academician of the Crusca, who enlarged the library through the services of the trusted Abbot Anton Maria Biscioni. The monumental staircase, as well as the facade, was designed by Fontana, who inserted decorative moldings in the walls and a barrel ceiling. Particularly valuable is the pictorial decoration of the interior rooms of the building: a room on the second floor, part of the apartments of Giovanni Gualberto Panciatichi, is completely covered by frescoes by Giovan Domenico Ferretti, Vincenzo Meucci and Pietro Anderlini, with the Apotheosis of Hercules, the Allegory of pastoral life and the Triumph of Time over Maldicenza. The illusionistic decoration is completed by squares on all the walls.