Municipal Theater of Cagli (PU) – Restoration and consolidation works

Brief historical notes. The Municipal Theater of Cagli was built in 1876 taking the place of the eighteenth-century Teatro Delle Muse. Designed by Giovanni Santini from Perugia with the further variants of Coriolano Monti, it is a clear example of eclectic style and the interior decorations by Alessandro Venanzi, surprise both for the sumptuousness and for the quality of the details. The horseshoe-shaped hall has 3 tiers of balconies and a gallery variously decorated. The large vault is dominated by the blue color where the allegories of the seven liberal arts stand out: Grammar, Dialectics, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astrology and Music. Venanzi is also responsible for the decoration of the large curtain that shows the historical episode of Federico Barbarossa camped in the city of Cagli. The elegant chandelier is the work of Rinaldo Paioncini.