The Church of Santa Lucia in Cusciano (TE) – Restoration and consolidation works and rebuilding of the roof

Brief historical notes. Its façade, on which opens a graceful portal surmounted by a small canopy, is completely in stone and has a horizontal crown; beside it stands a robust bell tower which houses two bells. The interior, which has a roof with exposed trusses, has three Baroque altars, two of which have the classic characteristics of the twisted wooden columns painted in gold. On the main altar is a statue of Madonna and Child around which, in fifteen small panels made between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, are depicted the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary. The other two altars, placed along the walls of the church, are dedicated one to S. Lucia, protector of the town, and the other to the SS. Sacrament. Embedded on a wall is the plaque with the Cross of Indulgences that Pope Leo XIII granted in 1901.