The Monumental Complex of San Nicolò in Spoleto (PG) – Restoration and enhancement works of the Cloister of San Nicolò

Brief historical notes. Place of worship as early as in the 4th century, the cloister and the church were built in 1304 for the confraternity of the Augustinians. The convent, built above the oldest city wall, still retains its original structure in part. The two cloisters were built in different periods: the first, that of San Nicolò precisely (object of the present intervention) is from the 14th century, coeval with the church, and lean on one side of the same; it is supported by polygonal pillars of white and red stone adorned with elegant capitals. On both sides there are sepulchral slabs of the 14th century epigraphs. In the corner of the cloister you can see what remains of the bell tower erected in 1470 on the initiative of Fra Servadio da Spoleto, as reported by an inscription in situ. On the remaining sides, the cloister has no galleries. In the 15th century a second more modest two-tiered cloister was added, entirely in brick.