The Church of the Saints Severino and Sossio in Naples – Restoration and conservation works

Brief historical notes. It is a monumental church in Naples located in via Bartolommeo Capasso, near the lower decuman. In addition to its artistic relevance, some of the most important authors of the Neapolitan Renaissance worked inside it, the entire monastic complex, counting in addition to the main church also another lower church, three monumental cloisters, a refectory, a chapter house and two gardens, is, in fact, one of the largest in the city. The origins of the monastic complex date back to the 10th century, when the Benedictine monks arrived there, after abandoning the old monastery located on the Pizzofalcone hill, running away from the feared Saracen raids. With the transfer to the new headquarters, they also brought with them the relics of San Severino, while in 904 they transferred the relics of San Sossio, martyr’s companion of San Gennaro.