The Church of the Compagnia dell’orazione e della buona morte in Perugia – Architectural restoration and consolidation works

Brief historical notes. The homonymous confraternity, founded in 1570 to give worthy burial to the destitute dead, promoted its construction starting from 1575. The works, carried out by Bino Sozi on a project of Vincenzo Danti, continued until 1600. The architectural structure is Greek cross, with a dome above a high lantern. It has a rich mannerist portal from 1606, surmounted by a classical trabeation with metopes of rounds and triglyphs. The interior was renovated in the eighteenth century; there are paintings and stuccos by Francesco Busti, Cristoforo Gasperi and Antonio Maria Garbi (18th century). Above the main altar is a seventeenth century canvas by Felice Pellegrini depicting All Saints within a carved and gilded architectural frame.